Bartimaeus CoHousing


Bartimaeus was blind but given sight by Jesus.  The dedicated group of people that wished to create an intentional community in Bremerton WA chose this name to reflect their commitment to each other and to a new beginning, introducing the Cohousing way of life to Central Kitsap.

Six 4-plex buildings together with a remodeled existing house, and a large community gathering building make this Cohousing community a fun place to live and interact with neighbors.

Technically a condominium project, the facing entry doors create an inviting front yard to greet your neighbors, while the individual units provide all the normal amenities of a condo.

Challenged by the limit of only 3 buildable acres on a 7 acre property, with salmon stream and wetlands, the site design provides welcome open space, and community gatherings in the common house.  

Roseway Lane Condominiums


The Roseway Lane Condominium project, designed to meet mixed-use codes of Kitsap County, was ready to submit for permits prior to its cancellation by the developer.

Live upstairs, work downstairs; housing combined with commercial office spaces has the opportunity to create green architecture simply by being more convenient to many people.

Roseway's design included separate residential and commercial parking with overflow for weekend visitors, finely detailed condominium apartments each with a private deck, walking trail around the 1.3 acre property, and an elevator for resident comfort.

City Villa


City Villa, inside the northern city limit of Bremerton WA, is a new urbanist neighborhood project that, unfortunately, was not completed due to financial constraints of the 2007 recession.

The city still needs this type of housing development; one that creates a green and dense alternative to the standard impersonal apartment developments so common today.

City Villa's parks, walkable streets, and mixed income neighborhood design will be a fine model to follow for future developments that wish to respect the desires of our growing population.

Design progress included complete site plan, approval by the City Council of Bremerton WA, and civil engineering ready for construction permit submittal

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