My Goals:

Your home, commercial building or institutional facility becomes as important to me as it is to you.  My job includes listening carefully to help you achieve your goals.



Responsive new home design, remodel and renovation design, as well as commercial and Institutional architecture.



I often provide a permit set of drawings for an owner-builder;  and a full set of design drawings and documentation for competitive bidding.


A permit set of drawings is just enough to meet the building and zoning codes of the City or County that has jurisdiction.  This set is focused on the architecture, structural configuration and site plan requirements.  It will show that the building meets the WA State energy code, that the structure is adequate to support the building components, and that the site plan meets the zoning requirements.  For an owner that intends to build or contract the home or addition themselves, a permit set is an inexpensive option.  


A full design set will include additional information to convey the design details to a builder.  The full set can include:

  • Electrical layout plans

  • Interior elevations showing trim and cabinets

  • Details for architectural trim and assemblies

  • Schedules listing items such as doors, windows, and fixtures.

  • Specifications; written instructions to the contractor with product information

  • Contracts for construction

  • Architect's assistance to secure bids for construction costs

  • Architect's review of the built work during construction


Design Fee:

The architectural fee will vary depending on the size of the project and the level of the permit or construction set.  I generally provide a fixed fee quote for the hours to produce the 3D model and the drawings.  This way we can determine the scope of the project, and then determine the set of drawings you need for permitting and building.

Please call me and let's discuss your project, no obligation of course. 

(360) 525-3843


Design Software:

I use SketchUp Pro, a 3D design and drafting software for most of my work. With this program a three dimensional model is created of the site and structures.  Then using the drafting portion of the program,  2D drawings are developed for printed sets.  


I have used other programs in the past such as; AutoCAD, ArchiCAD, VectorWorks, DataCAD and Architrion.   I think 2D programs are limited in the capability to show the complexity of the building, as well as requiring more time.  Using 3D SketchUp takes less time, and you can see the building in 3 dimensions.  


Area Served:

Washington State